Weapon systems for the navy – from sensors to effectors

Naval expertise from Rheinmetall

Safe and free sea routes form the basis of existence for numerous states. Terrorist attacks place completely new demands on the defence capabilities of naval vessels. Coupled with state-of-the-art ammunition technology, the Millennium air defence system and the innovative SeaSnake weapon systems (CIWS), as the successor to the light naval gun with, among other things, an ABM function, make an important contribution to the self-defence of naval units against close-range air-sea and land targets. Rheinmetall's naval weapon systems can be easily integrated into existing defence systems.
Oerlikon Millennium Gun®

The weapon system is ideally suited for engaging multiple, fast-moving surface targets in an asymmetric environment (swarm attacks). It exceeds the U.S. Navy's defined holding distance requirements for defence against multi-axis approaching attack boats.

In its traditional air defence role, the Millennium Gun covers a wide range of air targets, from small, low radar cross-section targets such as anti-ship guided missiles to fighter jets and helicopters.

SeaSnake-30 mm

The KCE variant, further developed from the KCA shipboard gun within the Rheinmetall Group, adds the common 30 mmx 173 calibre to the portfolio of light naval guns and adds the capability to fire individually programmable fragmentation ammunition (air burst) as a significant combat enhancement and tactical advantage in defence against asymmetric threats to own ship space.

SeaSnake-27 mm

The proven Bk-27 on-board gun from the Eurofighter/"Typhoon" or Saab JAS 39 "Gripen" was navalised and integrated into the newly designed light naval gun (MLG-27 4.0) / SeaSnake-27 due to its precision and effectiveness.

The achieved balance between calibre size, firing cadence and effect of the combat ammunition make the Bk-27 M a reliable effector and "all-rounder" for naval applications in the defence of own surface units.
MLG 27 multipurpose naval gun

SeaSnake-20 mm

The SeaSnake-20 weapon system is based on the robust Rheinmetall KAE-20 gun and, by working together within the innovative system structure, experiences increased precision and overall efficiency in the familiar and widely used 20 x 128 mm calibre.

Oerlikon Searanger® 20 Remote Controlled Gun Station

The Oerlikon Searanger 20 is the ideal primary armament for small Coast Guard and maritime police boats for anti-piracy and anti-smuggling operations. It can also be used as a secondary armament on larger vessels for important tasks in close-range defence.

NATTER 12.7 mm / SEE


The NATTER 12.7 weapon station in maritime application serves a wide range of missions from self-securing larger vessels as secondary armament to the main armament of smaller surface units such as command boats or RHIBs.

The integrated FlexEye sensor gives the system its all-weather deployability and supports even highly agile and dynamic

NATTER 7.62 mm / SEE

The maritime version of the 7.62 mm NATTER weapon station was born out of the capability requirement to protect or provide mission support to smaller watercraft under cover and as a secondary armament for self-protection against asymmetric threats.

Like the Natter 12.7 mm, the lighter version also features the all-weather FlexEye transmitter system.

SeaVision Sensor System Platform

The newly designed, stabilised sensor system includes 3 daylight cameras, 1 thermal imager and up to 2 laser rangefinders in redundancy.

The sensor platform can be positioned separately from the weapon, while retaining full functionality, and thus has clear advantages in both individual flexible application and ship integration.

SeaStorm Sensor & Data System

The SeaStorm Sensor & Data System is an add-on to the ship's weapon systems and, through its ability to more precisely measure and quickly process data on the ship's own position, attitude and movement, current environmental and target data, improves prediction for ballistics and thus increases the probability of a first hit.

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