Environmental and quality management

The economical use of raw materials and energy is one of the central guiding principles for the corporate actions of Group companies, as is the responsible handing of waste materials and emissions. Here, it is vital that environmental protection in the Rheinmetall Group is seen as an integral part of the management system, and that this is appreciated across-the-board. Accordingly, a sense of responsibility is encouraged amongst our employees as regards the environment at all stages of the value-added chain. Rheinmetall strives to reduce its impact on the environment further by means of the best, economically justifiable technology available. Its careful handling of natural resources is underpinned by the use of modern techniques and process technologies, which help to prevent emissions and waste. Its considerate handling of materials, energy, water and waste not only helps to conserve the environment, but also lowers costs. Rheinmetall will continue with its efforts to make even more efficient use of resources and to prevent the production of hazardous substances.

Modern, safe facilities at certified manufacturing sites ensure low-emission production processes that serve to conserve resources. Company processes of relevance to the environment are subject to stringent controls. National regulations and the requirements of international standards regarding quality (ISO 9001, TS 16949 and AQAP 2110/-2210) and environmental protection (ISO 14001) are observed and processes certified accordingly. Regular certification reviews confirm these high quality standards on an objective basis.

Detailed descriptions of the organization, workflows and responsibilities as well as ongoing quality improvement procedures ensure that the requirements made of the companies in the form of customer specifications, sets of standards or other regulations are fulfilled in a way that is as environmentally sound as possible.

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