FOJANA – A Piece of Nature

In the heathland of Lower Saxony, not far from the town of Unterlüß, is the site where Rheinmetall tests its vehicles, weapons and munitions. Today the company's own proving grounds cover a total area of around 55 square kilometers, of which nearly ninety percent is used for forestry operations.

The cornerstone for professional forestry was laid at the Unterlüß firing range around eighty years ago. In 1928, the first forester was put in charge. He founded a tradition which has continued up to the present day by shaping and managing the area in the interests of retaining the typical, primordial character of the countryside, as well as the flora and fauna. Today, Rheinmetall looks with pride upon a place that is in a class all its own. By thus actively engaging in nature conservation, Rheinmetall tops off its commitment to the region, where its more than 1,100 jobs make it the largest employer next to the Bundeswehr, the German armed forces

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