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In an environment characterized by dynamic development, growing requirements and increasing complexity of
technology, products and processes, experienced managers, qualified specialist personnel and ambitious junior staff make a big contribution to achieving the company’s goals with their knowledge, skills, experience and motivation. In addition to traditional and modern means of recruitment, Rheinmetall also relies on its own training and development of junior employees and is also in close contact with universities, colleges and research institutes. This helps us to get to know suitable science, technology and business graduates at an early stage. 

Attractive employer for young people – Successful in the competition for skilled workers

Receiving more than 160,000 job applications worldwide in 2022, our company once again proved
itself to be a highly sought-after employer. In addition, 2022 saw us train 412 young people at our German sites alone; the total number of young trainees at all our sites combined was 872. This enabled us to successfully combat the shortage of skilled workers. Another approach we took to combating this imminent shortage was to increase investment in training and university marketing measures and raise our profile at personnel, recruitment and trade fairs, especially those aimed at engineers, IT specialists and soldiers.



As they did in previous years, various institutes once again assessed the corporate image of German companies in 2022. Rheinmetall was again selected as one of the 100 most attractive employers. In the trendence “Mechanical Engineering Students” category we were ranked 30th (previous year: 24th) and in the “Engineering Students” category, we reached 31st place, up from 61st place in the previous year. In the Universum rankings (Germany Top 100 Ideal Employers) in the category of young engineering professionals, we were ranked in 22th place in the year under review, after reaching 25th the year before. For the young IT professionals Rheinmetall ranked 61st among the 100 most attractive employers, up from 86th the year before. This highlights the positive perception of activities in business areas such as cyber security, software development and artificial intelligence. In the natural sciences, we ranked among the top 100 employers in Germany for the first time, coming 96th.

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