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Rheinmetall respects its workforce's right of co-determination and right to participate and places great importance on integrating the employees' needs into the company's processes. The Management Board maintains an open, responsible and constructive dialog with the employee representative bodies about economic and social topics. Regular meetings improve mutual understanding and are the foundation of a fair relationship based on partnership. Expected changes are brought up and discussed in good time.

The Rheinmetall Group has had a Group-wide works council since 1972. It is responsible for dealing with issues which affect the Group or several of the Group’s companies and which cannot be resolved by the individual general works councils within the companies.

In May 2000, an employee representative body was established with the European Works Council to further develop cooperation in Europe. This committee ensures the rights of employees in Europe for information, hearing and consultation for issues that affect all countries and is involved in developments that across national boundaries. In this way it is possible to counteract the different actual and legal situations and challenges in the different regions of the world. At the same time, the European Works Council promotes the growing together of different cultures and nationalities within the European companies.

Rheinmetall is aware of its responsibility to its employees and convinced that it will be able to harmonize the company and employee interests in the future too by means of a trusting cooperation.

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