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In the face of tough international competition, the development of employees, talented management trainees and experienced specialist and managerial staff in line with current and future requirements is a key factor in the successful achievement of the Rheinmetall Group's ambitious growth targets.

A range of training opportunities allow Rheinmetall employees to improve their performance in their field of work and expand their knowledge beyond the requirements of their current position. Specific demand for staff development measures is determined at regular intervals on the basis of the Rheinmetall competence model, broken down according to employees paid in line with collective pay scales, managers and employees not covered by collective wage agreements, either in accordance with a collective agreement for qualification or as part of management potential analyses, potential analyses or the "Management by Objectives" program. Training opportunities can also be derived from strategic objectives (e.g. through increased internationalization of the Group).

Managers must be adequately prepared for strategic and operational tasks and must be able to adapt quickly to new challenges and respond flexibly to changes. This is not just about professional qualifications, but also calls for first-class leadership qualities and management skills. The Rheinmetall Academy focuses on entrepreneurship and leadership in the development of managers; it successively prepares employees at various stages in their careers for assuming leadership or specialist roles. Along with external seminars and events, high-quality in-house training and qualification events were offered the areas of strategy, leadership, innovation, negotiation and change management. These training courses, programs and workshops geared towards various hierarchical levels and functions constitute a platform for employees to exchange overall knowledge, ideas, experience and opinions.

Rheinmetall skills model

On the basis of the transparent Rheinmetall skills model, in which the 17 management skills of relevance to Rheinmetall are incorporated in five skills areas, the current skills profiles of managers and potential management candidates are compared with future requirements as part of a standardized, multi-stage selection and assessment process carried out in all companies of the Rheinmetall Group at regular intervals. The determination of the status quo according to objective criteria allows for open dialog regarding strengths, shortcomings and individual challenges of the employee as well as opportunities for development and promotion based on the employee’s individual assessment of potential.

Career prospects – in the form of a specific position or a career path (management, project and expert career path) – are highlighted in detailed feedback meetings and appropriate measures are agreed in order to further improve the employee’s corporate, technical, methodological, social and management skills. The results and findings of the potential appraisals are also analyzed and summarized and then factored into management and staff development programs that specifically prepare employees for assuming new or extended duties and responsibilities.
Rheinmetall academy

The Rheinmetall Academy is primarily geared towards managers and future talent. We systematically prepare these employees to assume leadership or specialist roles at various stages of their professional careers. The content of its courses and programs is designed strictly for matters of strategy, management, leadership, methodical competence, project management and internationalization. As part of the ongoing internationalization of the Rheinmetall Group, the Executive Development program, Sales Development program and, from 2014, the Young Manager program are not only open to Germanspeaking employees, but also available in English to open them up to employees at the Company’s international sites.

The Executive Development program and Manager’s Leadership program focus on “Leading my business” and help experienced managers to perform their organizational and managerial duties successfully. In particular, they help them to build on their knowledge of corporate controlling, employee leadership and change management. Junior staff are prepared to take on their first managerial challenges in the Young Manager program. The content of the Project Manager program is tailored to the tasks and activities performed by employees of the Rheinmetall Group. These supplement the technical and methodical project management skills acquired in certification course by providing, among other things, training in aspects of team leadership. In view of the wide range of HR projects in the Group, staff from the HR departments were given training in project management for the first time through blended learning.

In 2013, 650 employees attended the 63 (previous year: 59) events held over one or several days, compared to 579 employees in the previous year. These training courses, programs and workshops geared toward various hierarchical levels and functions constitute a platform for employees to exchange overall knowledge, ideas, experience and opinions.

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