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Rheinmetall is aware of its responsibility toward its employees and strives to ensure that the working environment is safe, healthy and clean. The Group ensures occupational and health protection at the workplace within the context of the national provisions in place at its various locations. Workplaces are designed in accordance with the legally and generally recognized safety and industrial medicine regulations, thereby allowing everyone to perform their work without incident and without being subjected to undue stress and strain.

Each and every employee of the Rheinmetall Group is obligated to familiarize themselves with all the relevant safety regulations and to observe these in their own working area diligently and at all times – in the interests of not only themselves, but also the company as a whole. Rheinmetall is committed to minimizing to the greatest extent possible all risks and hazards that could potentially endanger the health and safety of employees and third parties. Through continuous improvements in the workplace environment, suitable measures (e.g. ergonomic aids and protective equipment) and a broad range of prevention programs and health-promoting measures, Rheinmetall seeks to maintain and promote the health, performance and satisfaction of its employees.

During the course of the year, employees benefit from not only medical checkups but also a range of prevention programs. The spectrum includes everything from free vaccinations and regular health checkups, through internal and external sporting opportunities and consulting services, to medically appropriate reintegration following a period of long illness.

In the fast-moving and complex working world of a technology group, economic success depends heavily on the human factor. One of the challenges of health management is to improve the well-being, adaptability and resilience of our employees. With the “Think Healthy Committee” newly established in the past fiscal year, we are focusing even more strongly on promoting the health of our employees, creating a Groupwide platform through which the existing activities of our companies in Germany and abroad can be bundled and managed throughout the Group. The Global Health Manager works together with the divisional health coordinators, who are particularly responsible for regulating supraregional issues, and the local health coordinators, who are in turn organized into local steering committees. The aim is to create uniform structures, actively manage the implementation of targeted measures, create a common understanding of healthy leadership, and support health-promoting action. Fields of action are determined from this and measures are defined. In November 2022, a workshop was held with the participation of the Head of HR. This workshop planned the focal points of the joint work for the 2023 fiscal year.

Another building block in our approach to further promoting safety and health is the commitment of the operating units to demonstrate an externally certified management system in accordance with ISO 45001 by the end of 2024.

In 2022, the rate of illness in the German Rheinmetall companies was 4.6% (previous year: 4.5%). The accident frequency rate (number of accidents per million hours worked) determined for the Rheinmetall Group in fiscal 2022 was 6.1 (previous year: 6.5).

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