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Attractive and transparent remuneration is an important principle of recruiting and retaining committed employees. Rheinmetall provides attractive contract terms. These depend on the scope of tasks, responsibilities and performance, and are in line with the market. In addition to fixed remuneration further remuneration is paid.

Remuneration of executives and non-tariff employees includes variable remuneration. Meeting defined targets and Group performance make up individual variable remuneration. This is between 0% and 200% of the variable target remuneration, depending on target achievement and performance. These targets encourage acting independently and accepting challenges.

In addition higher executives can receive an additional share based remuneration. Such shares are subject to a retention period and are thus oriented towards Rheinmetall´s long-term success.

Tariff employees also participate in the Group´s success through their remuneration. These employees receive an additional bonus depending on the Group´s profit.

For many years, the Rheinmetall Group has provided an interesting and innovative corporate pension scheme. “Rheinmetall Plus 2.0” consists of three plans:

  • A. Employer-funded basic plan
  • B. Employer-funded additional plan depending on the Groups performance
  • C. Employee-funded optional plan by deferred compensation including employer contribution in the same amount

Employer-funded plans A and B are offered to employees independant of the optional participation in deferred compensation (plan C).

In addition direct insurance under a Group agreement on favourable terms is offered.

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