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Career success depends, among other things, on how content an employee is outside of their working hours. Many employees want to take greater account of individual life stages and specific life situations in their working life and wish to create a healthier balance between their professional goals and their family and private interests through more flexible working hours. 

For us, it is important to support our employees with a family-friendly HR policy. In addition to working time models with varying weekly working hours, the offerings that allow everyone more flexible time and thus greater freedom include various part-time options, trust-based working hours and the option of working on a mobile basis for a certain number of working days per month.

We also provide a family service throughout Germany to support employees in matters concerning career and children/care through advice and assistance. In 2022, 172 employees (previous year: 164) were on parental leave in the German companies (118 female employees, 54 male employees; previous year: 115 female employees, 49 male employees). In the year under review, the opportunity to be temporarily released from work, either fully or partly, to care for close relatives was not taken up by any employees.
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