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With high-quality products, pioneering innovations and strong customer orientation, the companies in the Rheinmetall Group hold world-leading positions in their fields of business. According to the strategies, targets and guidelines established by the Group's Executive Board, the well-defined core business areas Defence and Automotive, fully-equipped with all the necessary functions, are independent company sectors with global, functional business responsibility and each with its own management. This structure ensures high flexibility, fast market access and distinctive proximity to customers. Thanks to this great entrepreneurial freedom, the individual companies concentrate on what they do best. Fast, flexible and close to the customers' needs.

Collaboration and open communication are becoming more and more important in a complicated world. Trustworthy, intensive business relationships with customers and suppliers are an important criterion which makes it possible to continue developing products and processes. Customers are informed of development projects at an early stage and included in the development. The results of personal contact are critical to enabling optimum product solutions and technical innovations.

With extensive presence at the industry's important trade fairs and informative customer events, the aim is constructive and open communication. Being present in the relevant markets, living and working there, understanding and fulfilling the customers' needs, that is Rheinmetall's philosophy. Responsible trading creates trust and opens up new business possibilities.

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