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Rheinmetall has a very international institutional investor base.

We remain in close contact with the capital market in order to provide the right foundation for a fair assessment of the Rheinmetall share and enable investors to make a realistic estimate of the Rheinmetall Group’s future development. Our aim is to communicate our business development and corporate strategy with high continuity and transparence to strengthen investor’s confidence and to create the base for a sustainable and fair valuation of our share.

The personal contact with the capital market participants is extremely important. The Executive Board and Investor Relations team are engaged in permanent dialogue with investors and analysts. We not only provide comprehensive information on the economic environment and the current business situation, but also discuss issues such as current business trends, the market potential of products and technologies, growth opportunities and risks as well as existing and future challenges to the Rheinmetall Group.

Capital Market Days serve as an additional means to present our company and divisions in-depth to the capital market participants. On the occasions, the Executive Board and divisional management provide a direct and comprehensive insight into business performance, strategy and perspectives.

Last, but not least, our Annual General Meeting offers a platform for investor dialog.

Comprehensive and current information around the Rheinmetall Group and its stock is available on the Investor Relations website.
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