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Our responsibility

The world is subject to continually increasing change. This determines the environment of Rheinmetall and its customers and has a strong influence on the basic conditions of business activities. The Rheinmetall Group companies are present where discussions are held with political, economical and society reprensentatives and decisions are made.

In line with its values and guiding principles, the company is commited to conduct characterized by responsibility and integrity. Rheinmetall represents the interests of the company and its stakeholders openly and transparently and participates constructively in finding sound solutions together with politics and administration, representatives of organizations and unions.

Rheinmetall has representative offices in Berlin and Koblenz. To work at European level the Rheinmetall Group also maintains its own representative office in Brussels. Rheinmetall does not delegate or employ anyone in ministries. Contributions to democratic political parties comply strictly with laws and require approval from the Executive Board of Rheinmetall AG.

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