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In times of networked markets and an increasingly globalized flow of information, communication is becoming an increasingly significant factor in corporate success. Shareholders, customers, lenders, employees, media and the wider public expect comprehensive information on the products and economic performance of a company.

Up-to-date, transparent and objective communication is a matter of course in the Rheinmetall Group as it creates acceptance and trust.

In accordance with the principle of equal treatment, Rheinmetall informs private and institutional investors, potential investors, analysts and interested members of the public regularly and in a transparent way of the current economic and financial situation of the Company, important new developments and significant changes in the Group via the internet. Press releases, annual and quarterly reports, presentations and background information on specific issues can be found on the Company’s websites. The dates for regular financial reporting are also listed there. Information that is likely to have a significant impact on the share price is announced in ad hoc reports and is also published on the homepage. Securities transactions subject to reporting requirements are published by Rheinmetall in media prescribed by law and on its website. The Annual Document lists all mandatory publications by Rheinmetall AG from fiscal 2050.

More than 15,000 pages are provided on the World Wide Web, all of which follow a standard design. These pages provide key information on current developments and changes in German, English and other national languages – information which is used by more than 2.5 million visitors to the site. As well as comprehensive basic information on the Group and the divisions, the Rheinmetall websites also provide a variety of user-specific services and downloads. To round it all off, the website offers numerous links allowing access to specialist topics and information on the Defence and Automotive sectors. Queries on the Company, products and services are answered via the information email addresses.

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