Principles for responsible and fair behavior

Collaboration and open communication are becoming more and more important in a complicated world. Trustworthy, intensive business relationships with customers and suppliers are an important criterion which makes it possible to continue developing products and processes. The quality of the Rheinmetall Group's products is significantly influenced by the quality of the raw materials, parts and components supplied. The companies of the Rheinmetall Group expect high quality from their suppliers, verified by internationally-recognized standards such as ISO 9001, TS 16949 and AQAP 2110/2210. Suppliers are selected taking quality, performance, suitability and price of the products or services offered into account. Compliance with the high level of requirements and standards is ensured by international purchasing activities, annual supplier checks, quality and reliability tests at the suppliers and possible alternative suppliers.

Rheinmetall expects its suppliers to share the principles of the Rheinmetall Group with respect to responsible and fair behavior toward employees, customers, suppliers and the public and to realize this responsibility accordingly. Rheinmetall expressly supports and encourages its business partners to apply and take into account the principles stipulated in the Group's Code of Conduct in their own corporate policy and sees this as a beneficial basis for further business relationships.
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