Career special Cyber Security

Career special Cyber Security

Be innovative and protect cyberspace

Join our new team at Rheinmetall Cyber Solutions GmbH in Bremen and help provide our customers’ IT systems with effective protection against attacks.

Comprehensive and rapid support to guarantee IT security around the clock.

What does Rheinmetall Cyber Solutions do?

At Rheinmetall Cyber Solutions we are engaged in the production, development and integration of products in the field of computer network operations and information security. We also provide consulting services in this area and provide various services. The focus is on Cyber Security, with the aim of offering our customers security and protection at the highest level.

The activities and solution portfolio of Rheinmetall Cyber Solutions GmbH focus on the following areas:

  • Cyber Products: Rheinmetall Security Appliance - our product Made in Germany for securing complex LAN/WAN environments.
  • InfoSec: Information Security Concepts; support in the approval/certification of solutions in the field of information security.
  • Applied Security: PenTesting; solutions for hardware & embedded security, IT & network security, OT security.
  • Forensics: Incident Response; Malware Forensics; Network Data & Traffic Analysis.

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Interview with your new boss

Moritz Pichler is Head of Computer Network Operations in Bremen and is looking for new recruits to join his team to work collaboratively with him to address future challenges.

You are currently building a new IT security team at Rheinmetall. What exactly is it for?

We have developed a new security product, a security appliance, which we will be bringing to market from October. So all members of the team have the chance to be part of things right from the beginning and get involved in the launch.

You are looking in particular for service technicians to join your new team to provide third-level support. What tasks and challenges can prospective candidates expect to face?

In our third-level support unit, team members can expect to be involved in diverse and exciting activities. As the link between the customer and our development team, they have a perfect grasp of the overall picture. On the one hand, they have direct customer contact and, on the other, they also have the opportunity to delve deeply into our product and the customer’s systems.

For whom could working in your team represent a development opportunity? What skills are definitely required and what can candidates learn on the job?

Members of the team are given the opportunity to specialise more towards the customer side – as solutions architects, so to speak – but also to deepen their knowledge of the technology and development side. That said, essential requirements include excellent network knowledge, especially in the area of security, and a basic knowledge of software architecture. Candidates are also required to speak English on account of our international customers. But knowledge of the product can be acquired on the job.

What is important to you as a manager when it comes to teamwork and your team?

We currently have a very good and highly motivated team to start with, so compatibility with the existing team and a willingness to identify with the product are particularly important to me. We are all working together towards a common aim and to safeguard our customers’ network security.

In your opinion, what makes Rheinmetall an attractive employer for IT specialists?

Particularly in this case, we can really offer them something special! The team has an agile structure and our working methods are similar to those in a start-up, but, at the same time, we have the backing of the Rheinmetall Group where expertise is available in practically all areas. So they will have the best of both worlds.

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