Career Special Australia

Career special Australia

Rheinmetall is seeking recruits from across Australia

We wish to develop a team of people who are dedicated and take pride in the quality of their work and the organisation they are working for. We are proudly committed to providing a workplace that demonstrates equality, fairness, diversity and inclusivity.

The future is waiting for you down under. So are we.

Rheinmetall’s ties to Australia date back more than 40 years through the supply of munitions to the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Today, Germany’s biggest defence company is growing its corporate footprint in Australia at an important time in the life of the nation’s Defence industry as the Commonwealth of Australia invests $200 billion into defence materiel for the ADF.

We are seeking recruits from across Australia with a broad range of skills, competencies and individuality.

What Rheinmetall businesses operate in Australia?

Rheinmetall’s Australian operations encompass each of the three Rheinmetall Defence divisions - Vehicle Systems, Electronic Solutions and Weapon and Ammunition– and the company is currently the largest supplier of military vehicles to the ADF.

Rheinmetall Defence Australia represents all company entities in Australia and New Zealand. Rheinmetall MAN Australia is a joint venture company which shares executive leadership with RDA.

What programs do we need candidates for?

With the selection of the BOXER Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle for the LAND 400 Phase 2 program, Rheinmetall and its partners are now focused on building a workforce in Australia that will mark the company as a tier one prime.

Who are we seeking to work in Australia?

Rheinmetall is seeking recruits from around the world with a broad range of skills, competencies and individuality. In short:

  • We wish to develop a team of people who are dedicated and take pride in the quality of their work and the organisation they are working for.
  • We are proudly committed to providing a workplace that demonstrates equality, fairness, diversity and inclusivity
  • We want to ensure all our employees work in a safe, secure and healthy environment that is free from anti-social, discriminatory and bullying behaviours.

In turn, Rheinmetall is seeking individuals who want to be a part of the team and are committed to achieving the Company’s goals and objectives.

Our commitment to employees in Australia

Rheinmetall is committed to providing a work environment where all employees, agents, contractors and others are treated fairly and with respect.

To complement this ethos of fairness and respect, Rheinmetall seeks to provide a leadership structure that enables Managers to provide all employees coaching, guidance, support and encouragement to perform at their best.

This presents an opportunity for suitably qualified professionals and trades people to make their mark in Defence industry by working alongside colleagues dedicated to delivering high quality products and services to the ADF.

Where is Rheinmetall located in Australia?

Rheinmetall Defence Australia has operations in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne and Sydney. The company is also embedded with Commonwealth facilities in various regional locations around Australia.

Where can I find out more about Rheinmetall activities in Australia?

Selected vacancies Australia

More jobs soon to be posted!

Engaging recruits

Rheinmetall Defence Australia will continue to engage with potential recruits at exhibits, job fairs and tertiary institutions where our Human Resources team can provide up to date information about opportunities available in Australia.

Meet us at those events and learn more about the Rheinmetall as a potential employer. We will advise you individually on entry opportunities and show you current vacancies.

Veterans Engagement

Rheinmetall Defence Australia is focused on providing veterans with the best opportunity to establish themselves professionally with a sense of purpose and meaning after they complete a career with the Australian Defence Force.

In November 2016, Rheinmetall signed the pledge and became one of the founding partners of Soldier On’s support to the Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Initiative. To Rheinmetall, this initiative means that Veterans will be provided opportunities for gain full-time, part-time and voluntary employment opportunities with Rheinmetall Australia, where appropriate opportunities exist.

In addition, Rheinmetall’s aim is help to educate industry, in particular our suppliers on the value of employing ex defence personnel and recognising the depth and breadth of professional expertise these individuals can bring to their organisation.

Rheinmetall’s fundamental objective is to have a workforce that has the diversity of skill, capability and experience to deliver world class products and outcomes for their customers. This can be achieved by ensuring that the organisation is considered an “employer of choice” by current and past Defence members and their families.

Rheinmetall’s Veterans program initiative has three distinct categories being:

  • Veterans Engagement: Attraction, consideration and selection of veterans into paid employment;
  • Veterans On-job-training: Provision of on-the-job training to ready defence personnel to transition from defence into commercial enterprise to work with Rheinmetall or our industry partners and suppliers; and
  • Veterans Volunteer Program: providing veterans who are injured, ill and wounded with opportunities to share their knowledge and expertise with Rheinmetall and industry partners on a volunteer (or part-paid) basis through a structured volunteer program.

A key and unique feature of the program will be the Veterans Volunteer program. This program will work alongside responsible Commonwealth authorities to identify those veterans appropriate for selected roles and offer them the opportunity to contribute to the capability development of the Australian Army, with all expenses paid. Rheinmetall recognises that individuals have value to offer if given the opportunity and support.

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