Development of leadership and management

For the optimal support of manager and junior manager development, Rheinmetall offers its own range of training and development programs. Because groups are deliberately put together to include members from different business divisions, intensive, cross-corporation networks are established in every program. These networks accompany the participants throughout their further careers and are a source of development and advice even after the training.

Under the motto “leading my business”, the Executive Development Program supports experienced managers in expanding their own division in an entrepreneurial manner and organizing it to use resources efficiently. Discussing their own understanding of leadership with experts and successfully organizing management processes are important parts of the program. Due to increasing internationalization, this course is also implemented for executive managers with a multinational focus as the International Executive Development Program.

The modules of the Managers’ Leadership Program offer managers from middle management concrete and practicable support specifically for management issues. New solutions and practices aid the improvement of effectiveness and leadership skills.

The Young Manager Program systematically prepares young managers to take on their first managerial responsibilities. Over the course of a year, they take modules on leadership, communication, appearance and demeanor, methodological competence and entrepreneurial skills, which above all are intended to be practicable.

To deliver first-class performance as a leading technology group not only with the technology of our products but also in our cooperation with customers, Rheinmetall has launched the Sales Development Program specifically for the Sales department. For the highest level of professionalism in project business, the development of project managers is also supported by the Group's own program. The Project Managers’ Program combines methodological, technical and social skills. Rheinmetall project managers are certified on the basis of International Project Management Association (IPMA) standards.