Identification and development of employees with potential

Rheinmetall uses two tools to identify high-potential employees and to make the right choice of measures for their development. Assessments made by both tools are based on the Rheinmetall competence model.

The Potential Analysis, carried out for all executives, managers and junior managers throughout our Group, serves to identify and develop employees with potential at all levels. In this fair, engaging and consistent framework, supervisors assess their employees’ potential for further technical, project and management duties over a two-year cycle. Bringing together results from all our companies enables a broad overview of the Group’s wealth in potential.

In Management Potential Analysis, the next generation of managers goes through an assessment in which particular attention is paid to the young employees’ leadership skills. The results indicate suitable measures to develop the employees’ management potential and prepare them to take on their first managerial responsibility.

High-potential employees will find opportunities for development opening up to them throughout the Group. The results of the assessments are always reported back to each employee personally, always pointing out any need for support or assistance. Supervisors are thus provided with a useful tool for the targeted development of their employees.