Corporate Program "Rheinmetall-Kolleg"

The "Rheinmetall-Kolleg" offers further education to the whole Group in the form of training, seminars and workshops that are available to all technical and management employees. As well as external seminars and events, the Group’s own training and qualification measures are devised and carried out here. “Rheinmetall-Kolleg” events are an important platform for the sharing of knowledge, experience and opinion.

The services offered by the "Rheinmetall-Kolleg" are structured by topic according to the areas of the Rheinmetall competence model, so that technical and management employees can optimally assign the topics to the development requirements:

  • Personality and values
  • Social skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Powers of reason and methodological skills
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Specialist skills.

The "Rheinmetall-Kolleg’s" program offers a direct supplement to the further training courses provided locally. Employees have access to both, allowing them to take advantage of all their opportunities for personal development.