Individual promotion and rewarding good performance

Rheinmetall Group companies operate in intensely competitive markets characterized by dynamic developments and in which specific expertise plays a significant role. Against this backdrop, Rheinmetall makes high demands of the motivation and commitment of all its employees. For that reason, the Group creates conditions under which the employees are willing to commit themselves to shared targets. Attractive conditions and incentive schemes for value enhancement encourage motivation and performance.

Rheinmetall works with the latest management and HR development tools, such as management via performance plans, success-related pay and regular analyses of potential. These ensure that employees are actively involved in the process of value enhancement, their creativity and expertise are utilized, and each individual is deployed where they can make the best use of their talents.

Rheinmetall relies on the early recognition and targeted support of the individual potential of its employees. The Group offers broad opportunities for development to anyone who wishes to face new challenges, and not only in traditional management careers. As a technology group, Rheinmetall pays particular attention to the skills of technical specialists.

Every Rheinmetall employee has access to further training comprised of Rheinmetall Group events and company programs.

In this environment, experienced managers, practical specialists and highly motivated junior employees identify with the corporate objectives and work without regard to functional, divisional or national borders.

First-hand accounts

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