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Rheinmetall Graduate Program

Our graduate programs set you up for success, offering exciting and hands-on, real life experience across many of our corporate disciplines including engineering, finance, IT, legal & commercial and human resources. The program provides a strong technical foundation while offering opportunities to work on innovative projects and future technologies.

To learn more about where your career can go within Rheinmetall Defence Australia, check out our Graduate Stories and Day in the Life pieces below.

Rheinmetall Summer Internship Program

The RDA Summer internship program provides paid work experience to students who are currently in their penultimate or final year of undergraduate study. Offered from November to February, the program provides students with hands on experience, challenging real world projects, professional development opportunities and structured performance feedback. It also gives students the chance to determine their interest in the industry, and RDA an opportunity to assess potential for the following year’s graduate positions.

Meet our Graduates

Learn what it is like to be part of the Rheinmetall family. Achieve your own professional goals and be supported to do it. Take a peak inside our world and see some of the amazing journeys our incredible graduates have taken within our Engineering and Finance teams!

If you like to read more or discover our Virtual Experiences, please also check out our employer profile on gradaustralia.

Take a peak - A day in the life …

A lot can happen in one day, especially during working hours at Rheinmetall. Let some our graduates take you along for one of their workdays.

Name: Olivia Blight
Job Title: Mechanical Design Engineer – Mission Systems LYNX
University attended: Queensland University of Technology
Degree qualification: Bachelor of Medical Engineering (Honours)
Year of graduation: December 2019

6:15 am
Time to get up and into the day! After I turn off my alarm, the news automatically plays. I hear the national Covid-19 updates and major stories. I check my work phone for any contact and emails – occasionally I drive to a supplier on the way to work.

My bag and food are ready from the night before, I have my hi-vis and PPE laid out for a quick turnaround. It is a 20-minute drive to work navigating along the Ipswich highway, surrounded by tradesman Utes and semi-trailers. I always tune into the morning show on Triple J for a laugh.

7:30 am
I get to work and drop my bag at my desk. With banana in hand, I take my laptop and the work schedule over to the production hall and greet the welders. I am on the engineering design team for the LAND400 Phase 3 LYNX, working on prototypes and systems. Depending on project timeline, I get to work in fabrication and assembly. I boot up my CAD software and start answering questions. These could be regarding weld sizes, material properties, drawing and assembly clarification or request for fasteners. The production team always manage to throw around some jokes. Once I gain a second, I check my work emails again.

8:30 am
Our daily morning meeting with the manufacturing team occurs on the production floor. We discuss overall operations and status, part deliveries and fabrication sequencing. After the meeting breaks, I get on the phone to call suppliers for part updates.

9:00 am
I continue working with production, installing parts that my team and I have designed.

9:30 am
Smoko – the production staff and I go get a coffee at the cafeteria. I always look forward to my caffeine hit! I have some nuts to keep those energy levels up.

9:45 am
Back to work in the production hall. Once they have all the information they require, I head back to the engineering and electronic building where my desk is. After greeting my team, I look over my calendar and to-do list. I check in with my manager and continue my latest design task on our computer aided software.

12:00 pm
Lunchtime! My colleagues walk to the company cafeteria, play Magic: The Gathering (we have an engineering draft), sit outside in the sunshine or go for a walk. I like to go outside and catch up with colleagues from different projects.

12:45 pm
I am back at my desk with my sound cancelling earphones, answering emails and continuing my design work. There is always something new to make, so I need to understand each system’s architecture before I can put pen to paper. I also need to consider physical integration and the spatial clearance production will need for assembly. I am frequently asking my manager questions and collaborating with colleagues.

3:00 pm
My manager has organized a site visit at a supplier. We drive there, meet with the owner or general manager, discuss a product we wish to make and have a look around the site. I take notes on manufacturing methods, tolerances and material properties.

5:00 pm
I have collaborated with TAFE Queensland and created a night class for my engineering team. We learn practical skills of manufacturing and fabrication. Specifically, chemical sand molding, aluminum casting, milling, lathing, MIG welding and part assembly. At the end of the course, we will have a self-manufactured item to show off on our desks! Rheinmetall Defence Australia enabled me to turn my idea into reality, which inevitably has improved our design work.

On the other weeknights, I leave work around 4:45pm and go play social sport with my friends. Work has flexible hours, which encourages a work-life balance.

8:00 pm
I get home, cook dinner and prepare for the next day. I unwind by watching Netflix with my roommate or reading a book, and go to sleep around 10:00pm.

Name: Nhat-Minh Iakimov-Lam
Job Title: Student Design Engineer – Survivability & Lethality
University attended: The University of Queensland
Degree qualification: Bachelor (Honours) and Masters of Mechanical Aerospace Engineering
Year of graduation: December 2021

6:10 am
The dreaded sound of my alarm goes off as my barely sentient body somehow makes its way out bed. It’s time to rise and grind. A quick morning stretch and I am ready to get on with my morning routine. I quickly grab some clothes and then head to the shower to wake myself up.

7:10 am
I don’t know how it has taken me this long to get ready and in classic fashion, I am running late. I hurriedly throw all my stuff in my bag and rush out the door.

7:55 am
I pull into the work parking lot and scan my way into the office. We’ve made it! I always make sure to “dap all the homies up” on the way in as I make my way to my desk. I pull all my stuff out of my bag and get my computer booted up. I have a quick chat with my desk neighbours while my computer logs in. Then I boot up all the software I need for the day and go the lunchroom with my colleagues to obtain the magic juice that gives me life: coffee.

I pop my mug into the coffee machine and punch in all my settings to make me a perfect cup of coffee: double size flat white, 160 ml of coffee, 16 seconds of milk and 4 seconds of foam. I perfected this combination over the first 2 months of being employed here, mug is perfectly filled every time. Yes it’s a very large cup of coffee. Do I have a caffeine problem? Probably. Am I going to do anything about it? No.

8:30 am
Firstly, I scroll through my emails to make sure I’m up to date, then check my calendar to see if I have meetings or other commitments scheduled for the day. It’s also a great time to have a quick read of Defence News to see if any cool projects are happening elsewhere in the world.

9:00 am
My Team Lead on Survivability and Lethality has assigned me a design task that I need to complete within the next month. After having a meeting to ensure I understand all the design requirements and constraints, I brainstorm some ideas with the team. We have some big power thoughts that I make sure to jot down so I don’t forget.

9:30 am
I get back to my computer and prep myself for a design session. First I ensure my water bottle is filled with some nice chilled water, have to stay hydrated. Sometimes I’ll pop a green tea bag in if I’m feeling a bit adventurous. Then I pop the noise cancelling headphones on and blast some tunes to get in the zone. Open up Siemens NX and it’s time to put my head down and smash out some CAD models.

11:00 am
A calendar notification pops up at the bottom of my screen that it’s almost time for my weekly catch up meeting with the Verification and Validation (V&V) team in Victoria. In this meeting we go over the progress we’ve made on our Acceptance Test Reports (ATRs), what tasks we’re stuck on and how to progress forward. This week I’ve been assigned to finish off an ATR on the BOXER vehicle platform.

12:00 pm
It is now officially lunch time and I am starving. All my co-workers group together at the front entrance of the engineering building before we make our way to the canteen, which we’ve affectionately nicknamed “Dinemetall”. On the menu for today: chicken caesar wrap and chips.

12:20 pm
We have now made it back to the engineering building with our newly acquired sustenance. Lunch time is a prime opportunity for me to complete my “Magic: The Gathering” match for the week. Oh yeah, there’s a proper Magic office tournament. Nerdy, I know, but it has been surprisingly fun and you get to meet many people in the office that you wouldn’t normally.

13:00 pm
Lunch is over, time to get back to work. I get the ATR I’ve been assigned open on one monitor and get a blank document opened up on another. When tackling half-finished ATRs, I like to do a full read through of what’s already there and make a list of all the sections that need to be fixed / completed and all the information I need to source to make that happen. Using this list I can then go through all the referenced documents and piece together as much as possible to see how much of the information I’ll have to source myself. Normally I can get all the data I need from existing documentation, but it looks like I’ll have to do some of my own investigation work today.


2:00 pm
One of my colleagues also needs to go and measure some items on a BOXER, so we decide to go for a walk together. Before that, have to make sure I switch into some steel caps, put on my hi-vis gear and grab some safety glasses, gotta have that PPE drip before entering the Production building.

2:10 pm
It’s always fun getting to climb in and around a BOXER or a LYNX. I always learn new things and get to see how other engineers have solved different design problems. I’ve managed to track down the area discussed in my ATR and can start assessing it to find all the data I need. I make sure to talk to some of the production personnel about my issue as they always have some good knowledge.

3:00 pm
I get back to my desk and write down all my findings while they are all still fresh in my mind. While I’m in the zone I try to smash a couple of report sections on the ATR.

4:00 pm
It’s now time for yet another meeting. This one is a big one, with people in attendance from both our Brisbane and Melbourne offices as well as some colleagues in Germany. This one usually goes over larger issues and tasks we need to deal with in the coming weeks.

5:00 pm
And that’s it! Day is over, time to pack everything up and go home.

Name: Krisha Nguyen
Job Title: Junior Accountant
University attended: Queensland University of Technology
Degree qualification: Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
Year of graduation: December 2015

7:00 am
I wake up to the sounds of small footsteps running down our hall and closing in on our bedroom. It’s not the sounds of an alarm but instead my two girls waking me up! They are usually quite reliable as my morning wake up call, but when they do decide to sleep in, no stress, because there is always my alarm as a backup!

Next few moments involve multitasking – getting ready for work, getting my daughter ready for school, having a light breakfast and before you know it we are in the car and ready to tackle on the day.

8:30 am
I arrive at work, park my car and make my way to the office. On my way to the desk, I greet everyone in the building and then set up my laptop ready for the day. I check my emails and write down today’s tasks on my ‘to-do list’.

9:15 am
It’s time for our team meeting – we have one on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I open Webex, put on my headphones and join the online meeting room (my manager and a few of my team members are based in Melbourne). We each discuss our work plans for the next two days, any issues, have a casual chat and throw some jokes around. There hasn’t been a time where I don’t laugh during these meetings!

9:45 am
Our meeting has finished and before I can function for the day – my body needs caffeine! A small group of us make our way to the canteen to grab a coffee and/or some food. This also gives me the opportunity to catch up with team members outside the finance team.

10:00 am
My tasks differ depending on what time of the month it is. If it’s end of month, then I am busy posting end of month journals and reporting. If it’s after end of month and I have some capacity – I have the opportunity to assist senior team members with other tasks. This is great for a graduate as it allows me to be exposed to specialised areas of accounting and have a further understanding of the business and the defence industry.

Currently, I am working on documenting processes as part of a business process improvement project, as well as being part of a physical asset verification process. The asset verification will involve walking around the business and sighting the company assets – the perfect opportunity to understand that an asset is more than just a number reported on the company’s balance sheet.

12:30 pm
It’s lunchtime! Time for a break from numbers and spreadsheets! My colleagues and I walk to the canteen and catch up over lunch. Today I decide to surrender to my sugar cravings and grab one of our canteen sweet treats!

1:00 pm
Back on my desk – answering emails and continuing with my tasks. My afternoon consists of answering queries from our employees and helping run reports from SAP for analysis.

It’s important to know that accountants are not just ‘bean counters’ anymore – instead we are turning numbers into value-added information for our stakeholders. I have gained this knowledge since starting as a graduate at Rheinmetall Defence Australia and could not fault my work and learning experiences so far! It also helps that I have a great supportive team and my Melbourne-based manager was able to welcome me into the company via regular online communication.

4:30 pm
Time to pack up and go home! Before I leave, I check if anyone in the office needs anything from me and then make my way to the car. On the way home, I make a detour to pick up my daughter from after school care. Work also has flexible hours, which encourages a good work-life balance. So, if I ever wanted to attend school related activities I am able to.

6:00 pm
I do a quick workout at home before dinner, which helps clear my mind after a day at work. The next two hours consists of dinner, helping my daughter with her homework and then getting them ready for bed.

Once they are all tucked in, I begin doing some study for my CPA for an hour or so. Rheinmetall Defence Australia is CPA/CA accredited and the company significantly supports me in my studies. During the semester breaks, I spend my time unwinding by watching Netflix with my partner and go to bed around 10:30pm.

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