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Rheinmetall Automotive in China is seeking talent!

As a mobility company we develop solutions for sustainable emission reduction, higher efficiency and electric drive systems. In a dynamic environment we are seeking motivated and highly qualified talents who are ready to take the driver seat!

The future is waiting for you. So are we.

Who we are

Rheinmetall Group

As an integrated technology group, Rheinmetall AG, publicly listed and based in Germany (Düsseldorf), is an intrinsically strong, internationally successful corporation with dynamic growth. Rheinmetall employs over 30,000 people worldwide. They generate annual sales of over €7 billion at 120 locations on every continent.

Rheinmetall in China

In China, Rheinmetall ‘s Automotive sector is present with currently 10 legal entities at 18 locations, such as Shanghai, Kunshan, Chongqing, Guangde, Wuhan and Yantai. The mobility company established its first facility in China in 1997 and is a trusted partner to the local auto industry. Its Kolbenschmidt and Pierburg brands are known for premium components in the segment light weight, exhaust gas recirculation, thermal management and turbocharging, as well as marine and industrial applications.

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Working at Rheinmetall

Meet Yong Peng – Advanced Development Manager
Yong Peng – Advanced Development Manager

Yong Peng – Advanced Development Manager

Rheinmetall Automotive China Team

Today Yong Peng, Advanced Development Manager talks about the challenges for automotive suppliers in the field of future technologies.

My task: The future of mobility

My name is Yong Peng and I joined Rheinmetall Automotive China in April 2018 as advanced development manager. In this role, I am responsible for creating our future portfolio for the China market. My function here focuses on technology research in order to identify new opportunities and platforms for our company. Our research covers topics related to our current product portfolio and worldwide publications as well as policies and regulations, to foresee their consequences on the automotive industry.

It is important to understand which new products will be applied as well as the according requirements. We can then determine what will become a key component or key system in the future and make investment decisions respectively. My department is still very young but one day it will bring out new products and system modules.

Educational Background

My educational background is in mechanical engineering. In the past, I focused on the internal combustion engine. For me, the “electrical world”, such as radar, new sensors, electric components and related programming is quite new. Therefore, I am learning something new every day and grow more professionally.

Automotive and Defence – Two solid pillars

The solid product portfolio of Rheinmetall Automotive attracted me. The company is very well known through their product brands, Kolbenschmidt und Pierburg, among automotive experts. Meanwhile, the advantage of the knowhow of two different sectors – Automotive and Defence- in Rheinmetall Group was also decisive for me to join Rheinmetall Automotive. I had read in industry specified press that Rheinmetall Automotive is actively conducting research in future technology fields.

A company with tradition and future success

My perceptions of Rheinmetall Automotive China from the “outside” have all been confirmed after joining the team. The company has a history of over 100 years. People know that companies can only survive that long and foster a successful business if they adapt to evolving challenges and the dynamics in their markets. Obviously, Rheinmetall Group is very versatile and has successfully adapted as well as always thinking about investment of future developments. Also, we are an internationally active company group with a good organizational structure, meaning that we do not only rely on the business in one market. Moreover, the unique business model of Rheinmetall Group across two completely different sectors guarantees a certain financial stability for the group and job security for me as employee.

*Editor’s comment: In 2016 KSPG has changed its name to Rheinmetall Automotive as a first step within an internal initiative called “ONE Rheinmetall” which was set up to strengthen the company by fostering internal synergies and identifying common innovation clusters.

Meet Lucy Yu – Procurement Manager
Lucy Yu – Procurement Manager

Lucy Yu – Procurement Manager

Rheinmetall Automotive China Team

We proudly present to you Lucy Yu, Procurement Manager. Find out why Lucy Yu is passionate about her international projects and why her work is crucial for our business success.

Process optimization – what I do best

My name is Lucy Yu and I am a procurement manager. Within this position I am in charge of procurement activities for the business unit large bore pistons at our plant in Kunshan and support the small bore piston business within global projects. Therefore I work together with colleagues from the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Japan. Prior to joining Rheinmetall Automotive, the projects I was part of were limited by size and locations, e. g. only at one plant. Now I am working for projects across seven plants. The activities I am part of today are challenging but I really recognize the power of teamwork within the global groups. Being able to share knowledge, information, and different ideas with colleagues around the world makes me enjoy my work a lot. The experience in those projects has made me able to recognize potentials for process optimization, through which we achieve to make our business in China and worldwide more efficient.

“Big” and “small” family

Through the international projects I feel like a part of the “big” global family while at the same time, I am a member of our “small” local family in Kunshan. Therefore, the company feels very worldly to me but with the benefits of having an intimate local team and low administrative barriers. Our management team in Kunshan contributes to the family-like atmosphere by communicating openly about our business situation and explaining decisions to us employees. This openness makes me not only feel confident and safe, but also fosters my trust in our management team. Moreover, as a procurement manager, I also visit new suppliers and introduce our company to them, including our financial figures, which is why open communication is necessary for me to do a good job. Every time when I’m presenting the company, I really feel a strong sense of job safety and I am proud to contribute to our success through my work.

Inspiring work environment

For me, it is important that I can continue to learn from my colleagues and here, I am surrounded by many inspiring and talented people. Furthermore, my colleagues are always supportive and therefore the company is an attractive employer to me. The good work atmosphere is very visible during our “Family Days”. I like them very much because I can show to my family, especially to my daughters, where I work and who my colleagues are. That convinces them that I am very happy with my job and the company I work for. I also highly value the flexible working hours, in particular when traffic is bad. In addition, we have an annual health check and receive gifts on special occasions, such as national holidays or our birthdays, which make me feel appreciated as an employee.

Kiki Qiao – Commodity Purchaser
Kiki Qiao – Commodity Purchaser

Kiki Qiao – Commodity Purchaser

Meet Kiki Qiao – Commodity Purchaser

Today Kiki Qiao, Commodity Purchaser, talks about her first month working with Rheinmetall Automotive in China, her tasks, her team and the work atmosphere.

Diversified tasks in an international environment

I am Kiki Qiao and I joined Rheinmetall Automotive in November 2018 as Commodity Purchaser. In this function, I am responsible for price inquiries, identifying cost reduction potentials with our suppliers and reaching the optimal price through negotiations. Furthermore, I am developing new suppliers. My work requires sourcing information, both from inside and outside of China. This provides me with a perfect opportunity to improve my English skills.

Openness, trust and respect – no empty phrases at Rheinmetall Automotive

As I had been working for another foreign company before, working at Rheinmetall Automotive gives me the possibility to learn about the culture of a German enterprise, what made the job even more appealing to me. The corporate values of openness, trust and respect are lived by every single employee, which creates a very pleasant work atmosphere. We encourage and support each other. This manner of teamwork helped me very much during my first weeks in the new job. I am still grateful to my team for supporting me like this!

I am proud to make my contribution

The teamwork and the fact that I enjoy a relatively high degree of freedom in how I manage my workload and my supplier network helped me to get familiar with my tasks and the new work environment quickly. I am very proud that within the first month I can already contribute to the success of our whole department.

Meet Fubo Chang – Quality Team Lead
Fubo Chang – Quality Team Lead

Fubo Chang – Quality Team Lead

Fubo Chang, Quality Team Lead at Rheinmetall Automotive, talks about his passion for engineering and machinery and why he has been with the company for many years.

The company and I formed a solid bond

I am Fubo Chang, the Quality Team Lead at Rheinmetall Automotive’s Large Bore Piston plant in Kunshan. I am responsible for quality assurance of finished components, as well as order and delivery management. Driven by my great passion for engineering and machines, I joined the company after graduating from the vocational training center in Shanghai when our Kunshan plant was still under construction. Proudly speaking I am the first employee on our shop floor. It is the great work atmosphere of the company that has made me stay for over seven years. The company is like a child to me. Through growing with the company step by step a solid emotional bond has been formed.

A prosperous development in a promising field

Rheinmetall Automotive, as an international company originating from Germany, offers many advantages, e. g. an advanced management concept, an excellent corporate culture, clean environment and flexible work hours. More important, our robust technology foundation and financial stability stand by our prosperous development in a promising field.

Great atmosphere makes me stay

At Rheinmetall Automotive, career development and training opportunities are equally available to everyone. Being a part of the production team, I have received external and internal training, including a technician workshop in Germany. My hard work and contribution is highly valued by our senior management. They recognize our contribution, are very friendly and actively listen to employees’ suggestions regarding work and personal life challenges. That’s why we have a strong team and colleagues get along with each other very well.