Corporate Responsibility Report 2017

Editorial by the Executive Board of Rheinmetall AG

Rheinmetall is pleased to present its first corporate social responsibility report. For us, a technology group with a history dating back more than 125 years, sustainability is not just a 21st century buzzword; it has been an integral part of our corporate culture for many years.

Armin Papperger, Chief Executive Officer of Rheinmetall AG:

"For Rheinmetall, sustainability is not just a buzzword but a central component of our corporate management. Sustainable business practices require clear values, the readiness to change and the ability to generate growth. This report explains how we are meeting this challenge."


My colleagues in the Executive Board and I are committed to holistic, transparent corporate management aimed at long-term economic success that integrates ecological and social as well as corporate governance aspects into our business activities.

We live in times of great upheaval, radical changes and global challenges: Increased geopolitical and economic uncertainty, globalization, demographic factors, shifts in societal values, scarcity of resources, new mobility concepts, Industry 4.0 and climate change, to mention but a few key words.

The issues of our time will also affect us as a company – right now, but even more so in the foreseeable future. In facing the many challenges we rely on our strengths: Entrepreneurship, adaptability, boldness of vision and innovative strength.

There are are growing expectations on companies to make a contribution to sustainable development. We accept this responsibility as a matter of course. We always have. Mobility and security are and will remain basic human needs. Rheinmetall Automotive has been working on eco-friendly mobility solutions for many years now and, with its products, is helping to ensure that the ever-growing demand for mobility does not come into conflict with environmental protection. Rheinmetall Defence’s product portfolio is geared towards providing the best possible protection for soldiers on deployment. The same applies to the armed forces who provide internal security.

(from left to right) Peter Sebastian Krause, Horst Binnig, Helmut P. Merch

The Corporate Responsibility Report 2017 will give examples of responsible actions from right across the Rheinmetall Group.

Corporate Responsibility Report 2017

We look forward to hearing your suggestions and opening a dialog with you.

Düsseldorf, 10 May 2017
The Executive Board of Rheinmetall Aktiengesellschaft

Armin Papperger, Peter Sebastian Krause, Horst Binnig, Helmut P. Merch

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