Rheinmetall actively attends to its social responsibility while keeping track of its commercial goals.

Social acceptance is an important requirement for economic success. Rheinmetall is a living, breathing part of society and an enduring presence even in times of change, regardless of the markets and countries in which our companies operate. Many Rheinmetall companies can look back on a long tradition. They have been connected with their sites for many years and are strongly rooted in the local community – after all, this is where their customers, employees and business partners live. Our social engagement extends beyond the borders of our factory premises. We get involved, for example, in sport and education as well as providing direct support for local social projects and charitable organizations. Decisions about which projects to support are made by the management of the respective companies or by the Executive Board of Rheinmetall AG, since requirements vary greatly between the various locations where Rheinmetall operates.

A large part of the revenue generated by the companies flows back into the economy via the employees, the public authorities and the shareholders. Investments in future growth are financed by the added value which remains within the Group. Rheinmetall also makes further important contributions to society as an employer and contractor as well as with its products and the transfer of knowledge. Rheinmetall has a long tradition of social commitment.

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