Occupational health and safety

Preventing accidents and safeguarding the health of employees at their place of work are some of the key aims. With regard to health and safety in the workplace and health management, Rheinmetall focuses on identifying and assessing potential risks and on health care in line with requirements, which maintains and supports the personal wellbeing and professional performance of employees. This includes the safety of facilities and production processes, modern equipment, the ergonomic design of work stations and good working conditions, along with company medical services. Various companies in the Rheinmetall Group have already been certified in accordance with OHSAS 18001 for a few years.

Employees also benefit from various prevention programs as well as occupational health checks. This ranges from free-of-charge vaccinations and regular check-ups to internal and external sporting activities and consultancy services, right up to medically coordinated rehabilitation following an extended period of illness.