Rheinmetall skills model

On the basis of the transparent Rheinmetall skills model, in which the 17 management skills of relevance to Rheinmetall are incorporated in five skills areas, the current skills profiles of managers and potential management candidates are compared with future requirements as part of a standardized, multi-stage selection and assessment process carried out in all companies of the Rheinmetall Group at regular intervals. The determination of the status quo according to objective criteria allows for open dialog regarding strengths, shortcomings and individual challenges of the employee as well as opportunities for development and promotion based on the employee’s individual assessment of potential.

Career prospects – in the form of a specific position or a career path (management, project and expert career path) – are highlighted in detailed feedback meetings and appropriate measures are agreed in order to further improve the employee’s corporate, technical, methodological, social and management skills. The results and findings of the potential appraisals are also analyzed and summarized and then factored into management and staff development programs that specifically prepare employees for assuming new or extended duties and responsibilities.