Rheinmetall has a stable and large proportion of institutional investors, which has changed only slightly in recent years. We commissioned an external service provider to analyze our shareholder structure in January 2017. This involved evaluating publications issued by investment companies and other institutional shareholders.

The findings show that the proportion of institutional investors from Europe has risen again by approximately 8 percentage points to 45%. These investors are primarily based in Germany, the UK, France and Scandinavia. The proportion of institutional investors from North America – most of whom are based in the USA – has fallen and now stands at approximately 24%, compared with 29% in the previous year. A further 31% of shares (previous year: 34%) are held by private investors, Rheinmetall AG itself and investors who were not identified during the survey. The 50 largest institutional investors hold around 60% of shares (previous year: 57%).

In-depth details of the corporate and business divisions are also presented to capital market players at the Capital Market Days. During the events, the Executive Board and representatives of management of the two divisions give a direct and comprehensive insight into business performance, strategy and perspectives and are available to analysts for extensive discussions.

Fixed appointments in the Investor Relations diary continue to be the presentation of the annual financial statements as part of the Annual Accounts Press Conference and the Analysts Conference as well as the telephone conferences for the quarterly reports.

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