Compliance organization

Compliance is taken very seriously at Rheinmetall and has long been an integral part of its corporate culture. The company set up a compliance organization at an early stage, to provide employees with clear guidelines so that they can be confident that they are acting in accordance with the law and regulations and in an ethically correct and fair manner in day-to-day business.

In addition to three direct employees at holding level in the Defence sector, the Compliance Officers from the three divisions and, in the Automotive sector, the six Regional Compliance Officers for Europe, Brazil, India, China, Japan and the NAFTA sales region are assigned to the Chief Compliance Officer, who reports directly to the CEO of Rheinmetall AG. In addition, Compliance Officers in the Rheinmetall Defence and Rheinmetall Automotive companies undertake preliminary work for the six aforementioned Regional Compliance Officers. This ensures that employees have a direct point of contact in their immediate work environment for all matters concerning compliance and can seek help and guidance.

The Chief Compliance Officer, who regularly reports to Executive Board meetings on the latest compliance issues, keeps the Executive Board and Supervisory Board's Audit Committee constantly informed of the status and effectiveness of the compliance management system and of the latest developments. In serious cases, the committees are informed immediately.