Conflicts of interest

In making decisions and performing their duties, members of the Executive and Supervisory Boards must not pursue their personal interests or take advantage of any business opportunities arising for the Company for their own personal gain, or grant unfair advantages to other persons. In accordance with Section 4.3.4 and Section 5.5.2 of the German Corporate Governance Code, any potential conflicts of interest involving members of the Supervisory Board or Executive Board must be disclosed immediately.

Each employee is committed to the best interests of the Company. Personal interests and Company interests must be kept strictly separate and no personal advantages are permitted. In accordance with the compliance guidelines, employees of the Rheinmetall Group are required to avoid conflicts of interest between their personal and business relationships. In the event of any suspected or actual conflict of interest, they have an obligation to inform their line managers, who will decide on further action together with the compliance officer or Chief Compliance Officer.