Corporate Compliance

Rheinmetall’s reputation, its business success and the confidence of customers, investors, employees and the public in the Company depend not only on the quality of its products and services, but also to a large extent on good corporate governance. Rheinmetall firmly believes in sustainable corporate management and commits itself to impeccable conduct that is characterized by responsibility, integrity, respect and fairness, in line with its values and principles. The Company is an honest, loyal and reliable partner to its stakeholders. The members of its Executive Board and its managers, executives and employees have an obligation to conduct themselves correctly in business dealings, to protect Rheinmetall’s reputation, to preserve the Company’s tangible and intangible assets and to avoid anything that can result in operational or financial disadvantages or damage to the image of individual companies or the Group. It goes without saying that the Company acts in accordance with the law and complies with guidelines and regulations. Rheinmetall AG’s Executive Board takes a zero-tolerance approach to illegal and/or unethical behavior and to corrupt business practices, no matter what the circumstances.

Armin Papperger, <br />CEO of Rheinmetall AG

Armin Papperger,
CEO of Rheinmetall AG

“Honesty, integrity, openness, and transparency – these are the principles that guide Rheinmetall. They are the principles for which we, the members of the Executive Board, and I personally, as Executive Board Chairman, stand. Ethical business conduct necessarily includes rigorous adherence to every principle of good corporate management. First and foremost, that means complying with our strict rules on how to act with integrity in dealings with business partners, fellow employees, shareholders, and the public. This applies throughout every business unit, at headquarters, and at every subsidiary in Germany and abroad. Yes, our desire is to bring every one of our transactions to a successful conclusion. However, we wish to conduct only those transactions that are in keeping with applicable laws and compatible with the rules of good corporate management and compliance. We must all make this a personal commitment, and it is what I expect of every employee at Rheinmetall. Otherwise, we will be harming Rheinmetall and impeding our future success.”