Representation of Rheinmetall interests

In a global context in which political, social and economic processes are increasingly becoming interlinked, the Rheinmetall Group takes this development into account. The group is in constant dialogue with politicians, business and association representatives in an attempt to assert the interests of its shareholders. It takes its social responsibility very seriously by treating all its partners with openness, respect and trust.

In order to support this project at European level, the Rheinmetall Group maintains its own representative office in Brussels, which represents the interests of both the Defence and Automotive sectors and reports directly to the CEO. In addition, the Rheinmetall Group also has its own representative office in Berlin and Rheinmetall Defence has an office in Koblenz. Both representations are assigned to the Communications central department.

The uncompromising and strict observance of all legal and ethical norms is the highest principle of all actions. Special attention to stakeholders in the political decision-making process is paid by carefully examining the overall corporate responsibility to society on the basis of ethical prudence alone.