Representation of Rheinmetall’s interests

The world is subject to constant change, which not only informs the environment in which Rheinmetall and its customers find themselves but also, and in turn, strongly defines the framework conditions for business activities. Rheinmetall is present wherever discussions are held and decisions are made with political, economic or social representatives. The Group represents its own interests and those of its stakeholders on an open and transparent basis and plays a constructive part in finding viable solutions with governments and administrations and representatives of associations and trade unions. Rheinmetall Defence has representative offices in Berlin, Bonn and Koblenz. The Defence sector is also represented at European level in Brussels. Rheinmetall does not dispatch any employees to, or employ any staff at, ministries. Donations to democratic political parties are subject to the law and fall within the scope of responsibility of the Executive Board of Rheinmetall AG, which is restrictive with regard to approval.