1956Majority stake in Rheinmetall-Borsig AG acquired by the
Röchling Group; Borsig AG sold to Salzgitter AG
Resumption of defence equipment production at Rheinmetall Düsseldorf; the first product, the MG 42
Name changed from Rheinmetall-Borsig AG to Rheinmetall Berlin AG
Complete restart for the Company under Otto Paul Caesar
1958Initial diversification into mechanical engineering and electronics
1964Resumption of cannon tube and mount manufacture; the Company re-acquires its core capabilities in its very own field of production
1965Development of the 120 mm smooth-bore cannon
1970Takeover of Nico-Pyrotechnik in order to expand ammunition production to include pyrotechnic products
1978Dr. Hans Ludwig Hockel appointed CEO
1979Delivery of the first Leopard 2 battle tank along with the 120 mm smooth-bore cannon and the matching ammunition to the German armed forces; this is a technological innovation from Rheinmetall
1979 -1981Thorough restructuring of nonmilitary sectors


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