Declaration of conformity 2003

Declaration of Conformity pursuant to Art. 161 AktG for Fiscal 2003

At its meeting of November 27, 2003, Rheinmetall AG's Supervisory Board adopted the following resolution: "Pursuant to Art. 161 German Stock Corporation Act ("AktG"), Rheinmetall AG's Executive and Supervisory Boards declare in respect of the German Corporate Governance Code:

Rheinmetall AG has adopted the recommendations of the German Corpo­rate Governance Code as published in the digital Federal Gazette, subject to the following exception:

  • The remuneration paid to each individual Executive and Supervisory Board member (4.2.4 and 5.4.5 of the Code, respectively) will not be disclosed in the notes to the consolidated financial statements."

At its meeting of November 27, 2003, the Supervisory Board resolved that committee membership will be remunerated accordingly; this resolution will be submitted to the next annual stockholders' meeting to vote on an amendment to the Company's bylaws.

At its May 26, 2003 meeting, Rheinmetall AG's Supervisory Board approved its new rules of procedure, which comply with the recommendations of the Code and also include a procedure for recording and reporting conflicts of interest (5.5.2 and 5.5.3 of the Code).

In fiscal 2003, the publication limits recommended in 7.1.2 clause 2 of the Code for the consolidated financial statements and the interim reports were not yet observed but future compliance with this recommendation has been ensured.