Declaration of conformity 2005

Joint declaration of conformity of the Executive and Supervisory Boards pursuant to Art. 161 German Stock Corporation Act ("AktG") on the recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code Government Commission:

"Rheinmetall AG's Executive and Supervisory Boards declare that Rheinmetall AG has fully carried out since the issuance of the preceding declaration of conformity in November 2004, or will act on, the recommendations of the German Corpo­rate Governance Code Government Commission as amended up to June 2, 2005, and officially published on July 20, 2005, in the digital Federal Gazette, except for the following recommendations that neither have been nor will be implemented:

  • The remuneration paid to each individual Executive and Supervisory Board member (§§ 4.2.4 and 5.4.7 of the Code, respectively) neither has been nor will be disclosed in the notes to the consolidated financial statements or in the corporate governance section.
  • Court appointments of Supervisory Board members are not limited to the succeeding annual stockholders' meeting (§ 5.4.3) but have been and will be applied for to cover the residual term of the resigned Supervisory Board member."

Düsseldorf, November 2005
Rheinmetall AG
Executive Board / Supervisory Board