Executive Board – Biographies

Armin Papperger
Engineering graduate
Born in 1963

CEO since 1 January 2013
Member since 1 January 2012
Appointed up to 31 December 2021
Employee of Rheinmetall since 1990

Armin Papperger has also been Chairman of the Management Board Defence since
1 January 2012.

Armin Papperger (born 1963) is as of 1 January 2013 Rheinmetall AG's Chairman. At the same time, as Chairman of the Management Board Defence, he is responsible for this sector. After graduating in Engineering, Papperger began his career in 1990 in quality management in the Rheinmetall Defence Group. From 2001 on, he was managing director of various Defence subsidiaries. In July 2007, Papperger was also appointed head of the Weapon and Munitions division. In early 2010, he took on responsibility for both the Vehicle Systems and the Weapon and Munitions division on the Management Board Defence.

Helmut P. Merch
Business graduate
Born in 1956

Member since 1 January 2013
Appointed up to 31 December 2021
Employee of Rheinmetall since 1982

Helmut P. Merch is CFO of Rheinmetall AG and
CFO on the Management Board Defence.

Helmut P. Merch (born 1956), having worked for Rheinmetall since 1982, is as of
1 January 2013 a Member of Rheinmetall's Executive Board. Merch, who holds a business degree, is responsible for Corporate Finance, Controlling and IT. From the start, he took on various management tasks at subsidiaries, including as a Head of Division and Executive Board member of the former mechanical engineering subsidiary Jagenberg AG and as Vice-Chairman of the former electronics subsidiary Aditron AG. Since 2001, he has been Chief Financial Officer of the Defence sector.

Horst Binnig
Engineering graduate
Born in 1959

Member since 1 January 2014
Appointed up to 31 December 2021
Employee of Rheinmetall since 1999

Horst Binnig represents the Automotive sector on the
Executive Board of Rheinmetall AG.

Horst Binnig has also been Chairman of Rheinmetall Automotive AG, the former KSPG AG, since 1 January 2014.

Horst Binnig (born 1959) has been a member of the Rheinmetall Executive Board since January 2014. He is responsible for the Automotive sector and, at the same time, is the CEO of Rheinmetall Automotive AG. Before joining Rheinmetall Automotive AG in 1999, Binnig held management positions at small and medium-sized plant engineering firms. His career with Rheinmetall has included management and executive positions at companies in Rheinmetall Automotive's Hardparts division. He was appointed to the Executive Board of Rheinmetall Automotive AG effective 1 January 2013.

Peter Sebastian Krause
Born in 1960

Member since 1 January 2017
Appointed up to 31 December 2019
Employee of Rheinmetall since 1997

Peter Sebastian Krause (born 1960) has been the member of the Executive Board of Rheinmetall AG responsible for Human Resources and the company's Labor Director since 1 January 2017.
Following his 2nd State Examination, he began his career in 1989 at a European employers' association in Brussels. Before moving to the Rheinmetall Group subsidiary Pierburg GmbH in 1997, Peter Sebastian Krause worked for the employers' association Unternehmerschaft Niederrhein/Krefeld from 1992, advising and representing members in matters of employment, collective wage and social law. At Pierburg, Peter Sebastian Krause spent the next decade holding various management and executive positions in the fields of law, organization, production, social affairs and human resources.
In July 2007, he was appointed as a member of the Executive Board of the former Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG (now: Rheinmetall Automotive AG) with responsibility for Human Resources, a role he still performs jointly today. Following many successful years in the Automotive sector, Peter Sebastian Krause was appointed as a Senior Executive Officer of Rheinmetall AG in January 2014. As well as managing the central HR department, his responsibilities included the group of top-level executive managers at the Rheinmetall Group. Succession arrangements in the Defence sector also resulted in his appointment to the Management Board Defence in January 2014.