Remuneration of the Supervisory Board

The remuneration of the Supervisory Board of Rheinmetall AG is regulated in Article 13 of the Articles of Association. According to these, Supervisory Board members receive remuneration comprising a fixed component of €60,000 payable after the end of the fiscal year, in addition to reimbursement of expenses and meeting attendance fees. The Supervisory Board Chairman and Vice-Chairman each receive double this compensation.

Supervisory Board members receive fixed remuneration of €15,000 for any committee membership, which is payable after the end of the fiscal year. The chairman of a committee receives €30,000.

Supervisory Board and committee members who belonged to the Supervisory Board or committee for only part of the fiscal year receive remuneration on a pro rata basis.

The attendance fee for Supervisory Board meetings is €1,000. When attending committee meetings that are not held on the same day as a Supervisory Board meeting, the attendance fee is €500.