Rheinmetall Immobilien GmbH

Creating addedValues

Rheinmetall Immobilien GmbH’s tasks have grown steadily since its foundation in 1994. Rheinmetall Immobilien GmbH (RIG) operates on behalf of the companies of the Rheinmetall Group as well as for external partners in Germany and abroad. RIG’s activities include property management, property and project development, project- and facility management.

It all began with the "old Rheinmetall site" in Dusseldorf, where RIG came up with the "Unternehmerstadt" (Entrepreneur City) as part of a well-conceived development process. This has now almost been completed, with many people having found jobs or living space there.

Apart from obtaining planning and construction permission, RIG’s services in particular also include tailored advice for internal and external customers and clients in all relevant questions related to real estate, comprehensive supervision of building projects and property and facility management for existing sites and new buildings.

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