Rheinmetall Insurance Services GmbH

Insurance Brokerage - Expertise in Industrial Insurance

Rheinmetall Insurance Services GmbH (RIS) is a service enterprise of the Rheinmetall Group. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Rheinmetall AG, RIS is the inhouse broker for the Rheinmetall Group and its affiliated companies, as well as an independent insurance broker for external corporate clients. Additionally, RIS serves German-based employees as private customers.

Rheinmetall Insurance Services offers expert advice and support services for optimized overall risk and insurance management, such as risk analysis and transfer on the insurance market, improvement of existing insurance solutions, development of international insurance programs, assistance on the field of risk management as well as claims monitoring.

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  • Rheinmetall Insurance Services GmbH

    Rheinmetall Platz 1
    40476 Düsseldorf
    Phone: +49 211 473-4020
    Fax: +49 211 473-4024

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  • Offerings for employees

    Phone: 0800 473 4000
    Fax: 0800 473 4001

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