08 Nov 2016

Major development order for Rheinmetall Automotive

Compact, high-performance valve train

A member of Rheinmetall Automotive, Pierburg GmbH based in Neuss, has been awarded a strategically important contract from a notable Asian auto manufacturer to develop a new variable valve train. Named UpValve, it can deliver fuel savings of up to 5 percent.

UpValve will be used on a charged 4-cylinder gasoline engine to be co-developed with Pierburg engineers, with Pierburg acting as engineering partner for the entire valve train system, including actuators and electronic drive. The start of production is scheduled for 2019.

Pierburg has devised and integrated this optimized system which is currently undergoing engine testing, on the basis of its existing UniValve train.

Compared with the previous solution, UpValve has been improved in terms of high-speed performance, packaging dimensions, and response, while also allowing on-demand cylinder cut-off. It is installed on the intake side of the engine and permits, above all, a reduction in losses during intake/exhaust cycle changes.

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