31 Mar 2017

Rheinmetall wins new order for commercial vehicle steel pistons

Rheinmetall Automotive, a unit of the high-tech Rheinmetall enterprise, has been awarded a contract for commercial vehicle steel pistons worth over €70 million. The order reflects the auto parts supplier’s successful strategy of expanding its steel piston business in Europe and North America. The customer is a leading manufacturer in the premium truck segment. Tipping the scales in favor of Rheinmetall Automotive were its state-of-the-art technologies, outstanding customer service and competitive local presence.

Under the Group brand name Kolbenschmidt state-of-the-art steel pistons for the NAFTA market will be supplied over a period of six years starting in the fourth quarter of 2019. They will be manufactured at the KS Kolbenschmidt de Mexico plant in Celaya, which has been producing steel pistons for the North American market since 2013. Besides making the actual pistons, the Rheinmetall Automotive will also complete their assembly with rings and pins.

The components will be installed in the commercial vehicle manufacturer’s six-cylinder inline engines. Featuring the latest technologies, these heavy-duty 455-to-505 horsepower engines rank as the OEM’s flagship model in the USA. The ambitious oil consumption targets and very high ignition pressures in this type of engine pose special challenges to pistons. The steel pistons Rheinmetall Automotive will be supplying are therefore extremely rugged and durable, meeting the extended lifetime performance benchmark for on-road applications of at least 1.6 million kilometres.

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