Tactics training

As part of the German government's programme to upgrade Jordan's armed forces, Rheinmetall has provided the Kingdom's soldiers with comprehensive training on the Marder 1A3 infantry fighting vehicle. Both technical and tactical training was conducted at company level for the very first time.

As part of the German government's upgrading initiative, since 2016 Rheinmetall has modernised 75 Marder infantry fighting vehicles from the German Bundeswehr's stocks, painted them in a desert camouflage and delivered them to the Jordanian armed forces – the last of which was delivered only this summer.

The German government's upgrading initiative, which provides support for the Jordanian armed forces, is based on the belief that local stakeholders are better able to resolve conflicts than external states or alliances. Often, however, those affected lack the means and possibilities to do so.

The aim of the upgrading initiative is thus to help local partners to take care of their own regional security.

In line with this security policy and due to a lack of capacities, the German Bundeswehr have commissioned Rheinmetall to also provide the Jordanian Army with training on the Marder. For this purpose, up to eight Rheinmetall employees and external consultants – former German Bundeswehr soldiers with the necessary qualifications for such technical and tactical training – were on site.

Rheinmetall soldier training on the Marder

The Marder crews of the Jordanian army were trained in the following areas:

  • Using and operating the Marder 1A3
  • Firearms training with the 20mm automatic cannon and the co-axial machine gun
  • Repair of the Marder 1A3
  • Fleet management training for repair personnel
  • Tactical training at the level of company commander, platoon leader and commander with the aim of "reading" the terrain in order to be able to use it optimally for tactical movements.

Despite the extremely high demands on vehicles and material, caused by the dry desert climate, the training on the Marder ran smoothly – no vehicle failed.

Rheinmetall soldier training receives international recognition

The Chief of Staff of the Jordanian Army surprised his soldiers with a visit and was able to get an impression of the training for himself. He was so satisfied with the training, motivation and commitment of the soldiers that he awarded the company a five-figure cash bonus (converted into EUR).

The organisation and structure of Rheinmetall's training programs is widely recognised and is now in demand among international customers. Similar user training have been conducted with the Indonesian army, for example, or are currently being conducted with the Australian armed forces.

Other Rheinmetall training projects

In 2019, Rheinmetall conducted a total of over 25 training projects for various armed forces. In 2020, the focus is on training for the Boxer in Lithuania and Australia and for the Puma infantry fighting vehicle in the German Bundeswehr.

More than just a technology group

Rheinmetall not only develops innovative technologies and products but also advises and assists its customers in the introduction and training of new systems.

The most recent training in Jordan marks a milestone for Rheinmetall. For the first time, a company has been commissioned by the German Bundeswehr to train a company to move tactically expediently in dynamic vehicle formations – such as caterpillar-like or rollover procedures or inverted wedge formation – in the terrain and to operate in a manner appropriate to the situation in various scenarios. This also included the "Wadi clearing" procedure. This special way of fighting to take and control mostly dried up river courses is required due to the local geography and places high demands on man and material.

The fact that this extensive training project was successful once again demonstrates the system vendor approach of the technology company for security and mobility.

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