Going for a world record on RMMV’s High Altitude Truck Expedition is more than just a once in a life time opportunity for Chris Bailey and Paul Warren. To them, it is a huge opportunity to get the veterans’ voices heard and to encourage and support those who have faced similar hardships in their lives. Both have chosen charities in support of veterans and are willing to raise funds for them with your help. If you are willing to support Chris and Paul in their quest for raising funds for fellow Australian and UK veterans visit their GoFundMe pages to make a donation.

Paul Warren’s motivation to choose The Bravery Trust in Australia: “I chose the Bravery Trust for many reasons. I really trust them and the financial support they provide for Veterans and their families. In my previous work role, I connected many Veterans in need of emergency financial assistance with the Bravery Trust and found their service to be impeccable. In line with our companies value of transparency there is no doubt that the Bravery Trust funds do go to Veterans and families in need.”

Chris Bailey’s chosen charities to support and raise awareness of in the UK are Walking With The Wounded and The Royal British Legion. Walking With The Wounded was founded in 2010 on four key principles which form the underpinning ethos of how they operate and deliver their services:

1. Delivering civilian employment outcomes for the wounded, post military service.
2. Accessing the most inaccessible and supporting those most disadvantaged by service.
3. Creating a culture of independence.
4. Delivering programmes through collaboration with partners thus avoiding duplication.

“For me, WWTW is an amazing charity with the right ethos and approach and I am honoured to be raising awareness and sponsorship for such an incredible charity. I have had the pleasure of working closely with one of their home straight employment advisors and was overwhelmed by their knowledge and approach to the situations and complexities faced and how they would always go that extra mile for the individual.”

The Royal British Legion is the oldest military charity in the UK providing a fast and efficient service for the veterans and their families. “Similar to WWTW the Legion is extremely varied in the services that it can provide, ranging from supporting with getting food on the table up to getting a complete bathroom or kitchen transformed for independent living. The Legion also runs the festival of remembrance every year, and spends a considerable amount of time raising awareness and fundraising with the poppy appeal. It is thanks to the legion that I am a member of this expedition and I thank them whole heartedly.”