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To bundle the relevant business processes in one place, we have introduced a digital procurement portal in order to work together with our existing and future business partners in the long term: The Rheinmetall Procurement Portal.

This digital solution represents the central interface for our suppliers and partners and enables easy access to relevant documents and information, transparency with regard to our business processes and a direct communication channel worldwide.

The Rheinmetall procurement portal offers future suppliers the opportunity to start a potential partnership independently or to gain access to the procurement portal via an invitation from our buyers. In addition to the onboarding process, the processes from sourcing to contract management can be found in the portal. By integrating and consolidating processes in one place, we are increasing efficiency and effectiveness together with our partners.

We look forward to using the new Rheinmetall procurement portal to strengthen our collaboration with you in the long term and thus increase productivity.


Start supplier application

Access to the start page of the procurement portal via the "Rheinmetall procurement portal" button.


Start Self-registration

Enter the master data via "New supplier / Registration" (e.g.: name, address etc.) then "Click" on "Register".


Account creation / Login

Checking the email inbox for receipt of the invitation email with the access data for the initial registration.


Registration with login data

"Click" on "Back to login page" - Enter the access data for the login in the "Identification" area.


Finalisation of the registration

Welcome to the "Rheinmetall Procurement Portal".
You are now successfully registered!

Access to the Rheinmetall procurement portal

Rheinmetall procurement portal

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