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Rheinmetall represents technology and security. Join our team in Switzerland, and let us work together to develop solutions that turn change into opportunity. Be creative. Feel the passion. Know that you’re making a difference. Every day. With us.

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Who we are
The Rheinmetall Air Defence AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art antiaircraft systems.
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Nitrochemie Wimmis AG registered in Wimmis in Switzerland is jointly owned by Rheinmetall and RUAG. For decades, Nitrochemie has specialised in high-performance propellants for the military and civilian markets as well as in the development and manufacture of chemical intermediates.
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Rheinmetall Technical Publications Schweiz AG specialises in product lifecycle services ranging from concepts and analysis to the preparation of technical publications and training solutions in the civil, military and industrial sectors.

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RWM Schweiz AG (formerly Oerlikon Contraves Pyrotec AG) specialises in developing and manufacturing medium-calibre ammunition for land, air and naval applications, including antiaircraft rounds.
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RWM Zaugg AG is an internationally renowned maker of safety fuse systems for military applications.
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Let's take responsibility together.


“A global company with a large number of subsidiaries in different industries offers many opportunities for employees to develop and acquire new experience. This makes Rheinmetall such an attractive employer for me.“

Eugen Dauenhauer

Finances & Controlling at RWM Zaugg AG in Lohn-Ammannsegg


“My everyday work life is characterized by diversity. I communicate with a variety of people every day and am involved in a wide range of topics. From Australia to America, from setting up a production line to planning safety measures in a new plant, there are no limits to my tasks.“

Valentin Unterholzner

Technical project manager at RWM Schweiz AG in Zurich


“Taking responsibility for and supporting complex development projects are all part of day-to-day business for our capable young team here at Rheinmetall.“

Dr. Sarah Lämmlein

System Engineer, System Engineering Effectors at Rheinmetall Air Defence AG in Zurich


“I started out in production as a lathe operator. Today, I lead a department of 20 people. I’m a great example of how Rheinmetall is committed to the development of its employees and recognizes and champions the potential in each and every one of us – it’s a win-win-situation!“

Kevin Allen

Head of Training & Field Services at Rheinmetall Air Defence AG in Zurich


“Rheinmetall values diversity very highly and helps employees of all ages and genders to enjoy successful professional careers tailored to their needs.“

Susanne Krauer

Head of Configuration & Life Cycle Management at Rheinmetall Air Defence in Zurich


“The flexible working hours at Rheinmetall give me the perfect balance between free time and work.“

Franz Kälin

Coordinator shooting operations at RWM Schweiz AG in Studen


“Exciting, extensive and challenging - Rheinmetall offers an exciting and wide-ranging field of work range of tasks with excellent employee development. I take on responsibility and maintain many contacts in a broad network.“

Jasmine Lagger

Employee Supplier Quality Assurance at RWM Schweiz AG in Altdorf


“Whether it’s further education, career development or fatherhood - with Rheinmetall as an employer, you can manage everything.“

Nemanja Bogosaljevic

Head of Supplier Quality Assurance at RWM Schweiz AG in Altdorf


“Our work is all about precision. We don’t overshoot the mark, but always hit the mark.“

Rolf Meister

Team Leader Firing Range Officer at RWM Schweiz AG in Studen

Benefits for our employees at Nitrochemie Wimmis AG

Pleasant work atmosphere


Work-life balance


Job security


Flexible arrangements

Benefits for our employees at Rheinmetall Air Defence AG

Attractive salary and benefits


Pleasant work atmosphere


Work-life balance


Flexible arrangements

That's what it's like to work at Rheinmetall Air Defence AG in Switzerland

To identify new job opportunities in our teams, to develop technologies together and to take responsibility.
We are committed to this and gladly support you.
Day after day.

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