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About us
RWM Zaugg AG is an internationally renowned maker of safety fuse systems for military applications. For over thirty years, the company has supplied leading defence contractors around the world with highly specialized fuses for medium- and large-calibre ammunition as well as missiles.
Responding to a comprehensive range of operational requirements, RWM Zaugg AG supports its customers from initial concept to full-scale serial production. Intensive static and dynamic testing ensures that every fuse RWM Zaugg AG makes meets the most stringent international quality and safety standards.
Systems & Products
RWM Zaugg AG's range of products comprises electronic and electromechanical fuses powered by piezo, battery or generator, and designed for use in extremely demanding applications such as tank ammunition or state-of-the-art bunker-busting rounds. For example, the piezo-electronic fuses used in bunker-busting projectiles have to be able to withstand levels of shock stress more than 100,000 times greater than gravity.

The product portfolio encompasses:
  • Piezo-activated fuse systems
  • Battery-activated fuse systems
  • Generator-activated systems
  • Mechanical fuses

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