Career special for soldiers

Are you looking for new career perspectives after your military service? Develop technologies with us and apply now!

career perspectives after your military service
Have you finished serving and are you now on the lookout for new career opportunities? Do you want a job where you can apply your experience and knowledge from your time in the military?

Then Rheinmetall is the right company for you. Whether you’re interested in leadership positions, expert roles or working as part of our international programmes, the future is waiting for you!

Explore new opportunities and restart. With us.

Support us in developing modern systems and vehicles
At Rheinmetall we work on many exciting topics. You can see a small selection here.

Equipment of VJTF 2023

We supply simulation technology for the realistic combat training of armored infantrymen with the Puma infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) and implement laser detectors and laser transmitters that are mounted around the vehicle. The laser algorithms are programmed in such a way that shots and hits can be simulated with ballistic accuracy.

Modern soldier systems

We develop equipment and reliable means of communication to create the best possible conditions for infantrymen. Here, our software developers (m/f/d) make a decisive contribution in connection with the development of optronic components or means of communication, such as headsets and head-up displays.

Autonomous systems

Autonomous systems and unmanned vehicles, such as the "Mission Master", open up a multitude of new possibilities for military forces. Depending on the variant, it can, for example, take over transport tasks, be used to protect task forces or for surveillance and reconnaissance tasks.
You can gain further insights into interesting areas of work in our Career specials Software Development and Vehicle Systems as well as in our ZoomIn section Dimension Air.
We could tell you a lot. And that’s exactly what we intend to do.
Many colleagues work for us who at some point were faced with a career change to the civilian sector. Find out why they value Rheinmetall as an employer and how they can contribute their experience to their jobs with us.
“Many of us understand how important our products are to security forces around the world.“
Stefan Haase

Head of product range Active Protection

Please introduce yourself briefly. Why did you join Rheinmetall and what are your current tasks?
What was your time in the German Armed Forces like and what did your work there focus on?
To what extent can you contribute your knowledge from your Bundeswehr past to Rheinmetall?
How would you describe the work atmosphere at Rheinmetall?
“Compared to many other companies, I can contribute my experience from the Bundeswehr to Rheinmetall.“
Pascal Voß

Military Affairs

Mr Voss, how did your path lead you to Rheinmetall? What makes your daily work exciting?
What was your time in the German Armed Forces like and what did your work there focus on?
What do you value in your day-to-day interaction at Rheinmetall?
Exhibitions and events
We should get to know each other

We are on the road virtually and in person at various career events throughout the year. You can find all dates in our event overview.

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Soldiers' Day "From User to Employer - Employer Rheinmetall"

Official trade fair site online The Vocational Support Services (BFD) of the German Armed Forces NRW, Münster, Hanover, Potsdam and Schwerin are organizing a virtual Soldiers' Day with the company Rheinmetall AG on November 21 for interested soldiers of all careers. The company is looking for various dedicated employees specialists as well as career changers. 


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