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At Rheinmetall, experts in real estate management are in demand! For example, when it comes to the development of new construction projects, such as the F-35 production facility in Weeze.

Immerse yourself in the world of Rheinmetall Immobilien GmbH (RIG)! Look over the shoulders of our colleagues in Düsseldorf and gain an insight into everyday working life at RIG.

Asked at RIG

Sven Wiesemann is Senior Asset and Property Manager and has been working at RIG for 6 years. Find out what his day-to-day work is like:

"New and exciting projects allow me to play an active role in shaping our company.
I was looking for and found the mixture of variety and the pursuit of constant goals at RIG."
Sven Wiesemann

Senior Asset und Property Manager

Mr. Wiesemann, what makes working at Rheinmetall Immobilien GmbH special for you?

At Rheinmetall Immobilien GmbH, we have the opportunity to manage the entire life cycle of a property, from the development phase to the utilization phase. This is very challenging but also extremely varied.

In addition, there are always new projects in which we, as real estate specialists, are involved. This exposes you to exciting content and new ideas. I have the feeling that I can play an active role in shaping our company. This creates a high level of satisfaction and motivation to give my best every day.

It was exactly this mix of variety and the pursuit of ongoing projects that I was looking for and found at RIG.

Can you please explain how you were able to develop the building site for the new production facility for the F-35 in Weeze and what role asset management basically plays in this process?
Can you please tell us more about the significance of a land contract for the overall project and what is special about it?
What does the process of managing and operating the property look like under your responsibility after completion of the construction project?

Mirwais Momand has been working in the construction and real estate planning department for two years. He tells us what his tasks consist of and what inspires him about Rheinmetall.

"At RIG, I can live out my enthusiasm for technology and architecture every day. The open communication culture and the special insight into the construction industry characterize my work."
Mirwais Momand

Planning department for construction and real estate

Mr. Momand, can you please give us a brief insight into the construction planning for the production facility in Weeze?

The construction planning process is divided into three main areas: production, storage, and office building.

Weekly planning meetings with the project management and asset & property management departments, as well as external service providers and the future user of the property, were held to develop the design and create the basis for the approval planning.

The challenge in the planning phase was to consider the interdependence of the individual areas while making efficient use of the property. I maintained close contact with my colleagues Sven Wiesemann and Moritz Thönnessen.

What helped you to obtain planning permission?
What excites you about Rheinmetall as an employer?

Moritz Thönnessen is a Construction Project Manager and has been with RIG for 8 years. He talks about his everyday life and his experiences:

"At RIG, the most important thing is the regular exchange of information to ensure that everyone involved has the same level of information."
Moritz Thönnessen

Construction Project Manager

Mr. Thönnessen, can you please tell us more about how you ensure that a construction project is completed on time and within budget?

Various factors play an important role here, but the following points in particular are the cornerstone for project implementation within budget:

  1. Thorough planning: as many aspects of a project as possible must be covered here. In particular, this includes cost forecasting as well as time and risk planning in order to minimize unforeseen costs.
  2. Cost controlling: Costs must be tracked continuously and seamlessly and compared with the planned budget.
  3. Risk management: Potential risks must be identified and strategies developed to avert them.
  4. Contract management: Contracts with planners and contractors must contain clear and transparent regulations in order to rule out any cost overruns as far as possible.
  5. Cooperation: A constructive partnership between contractor and client supports the solution-finding process in the event of potential cost risks.
To what extent does cooperation with a general contractor play a role in construction project management?
How is communication and coordination between different areas of responsibility organized at RIG?
Different tasks, one passion

History and development

It all began in today's entrepreneurial city in Düsseldorf: Rheinmetall Immobilien GmbH (RIG) was originally founded to find a new use for the former production site in Düsseldorf-Derendorf. Today, 30 years later, RIG develops a wide variety of real estate concepts for the entire Group, builds new office buildings, production halls and warehouses, buys and sells, rents and leases and manages space. in short, RIG is the real estate expert within the Group.

Thanks not least to their in-depth knowledge of the Group's organization and structures, RIG's real estate experts are able to create economically optimal and value-adding solutions for a wide range of real estate issues. RIG's colleagues advise the companies on both their operational and non-operational properties. In addition, RIG sets standards for the handling of real estate within the Group through its guidelines.

THE COMMON GOAL: to successfully support a wide range of projects over the long term
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