Female quotas

The equal entitlement of women and men to hold management positions is an integral aspect of diversity at Rheinmetall

Employing people of any gender, especially to fill executive positions, is an integral aspect of diversity and an important factor for economic success of Rheinmetall Group. The employment of female executives is actively fostered.

Nevertheless, vacancies will be filled with the most suitable candidate in terms of skills and personality, without regard to gender, in order to offer the same career opportunities to everybody. Moreover, giving due consideration to business interests, staffing higher and top management positions is safeguarded in the long term. Gender-based changes are not made in this respect.

Candidates for executive positions are primarily drawn from Rheinmetall Group‘s own staff as experience has shown that such people work longer and more successfully for the Group, thus avoiding staff turnover and its temporarily destabilising effects. We will continue to welcome suitable females to our executive career programs, and prepare them for assuming executive positions. At the same time, our internal HR development is asked to set superiors ambitious goals for increasing numbers of suitable females participating in this program to pave the way for more and more females to fill executive positions.

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