Sensors and Actuators

Thermal and fluid management applications in the mobility domain and industry

The Sensors and Actuators division is synonymous with outstanding expertise in thermal and fluid management applications in the mobility domain and industry.

Its five business units – Actuators, Automotive Emission Systems, Commercial Diesel Systems, Pump Technology, and Solenoid Valves – develop solutions for major challenges facing the automotive sector, including downsizing, reducing emissions and boosting efficiency, while simultaneously optimizing performance. The division’s comprehensive product portfolio encompasses a multitude of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems; throttle valves, control dampers and exhaust flaps for electromotors; solenoid valves; actuators and valve train systems; oil, water and vacuum pumps for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and light and heavy-duty off-road applications; as well as industrial solutions.

 Business units


The Actuator business unit produces high-quality throttle valves and control dampers as well as various actuators for the global automobile industry.

Air Emission Systems

The Automotive Emission Systems business unit offers innovative technologies for exhaust recirculation such as EGR cooling modules, compact EGR valves, electric exhaust flaps and secondary air pumps.

Commercial Diesel Systems

The Commercial Diesel Systems business unit develops and produces high-quality EGR valves, EGR mixer modules, EGR coolers and EGR poppet valves for commercial vehicles.

Pump Technology

The Pump Technology business unit combines top-notch system expertise with a wide spectrum of pumps for oil, vacuum and cooling systems destined for a full range of engine and cooling applications.

Solenoid Valves

The Solenoid Valves business unit is a global market leader and innovator in electric divert-air valves. It also supplies high-quality hydraulic valves, coolant valves and pneumatic valves.

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