Weapon and Ammunition

Impact and cover

Impact and cover – the portfolio of the Weapon and Ammunition division comprises solutions for threat-appropriate, effective and accurate firepower as well as for comprehensive protection and operations support. Whether on land, on water, or in the air, Rheinmetall as one of the leading technology companies delivers systems for superiority on current and future battlefields and deployment areas. The division consists of the following business units: Direct Fire, Indirect Fire, Propulsion Systems, Protection Systems and Projects & Services.
Business units

Direct Fire and Indirect Fire

Powerful weapon and munition systems in the medium and large calibre range include automatic cannons for land, air and sea vehicles, the world-famous smoothbore technology for battle tank guns, artillery and mortar systems, weapon stations, intelligent projectiles, and novel effectors such as high-energy lasers with scalable effect and maximum precision as well as high precision loitering munition systems.

Propulsion Systems

New propellant technologies increase the range and efficiency of flat and high-angle fire systems. Special applications for the civilian sector such as airbag propellants or paper deacidification solutions help to save human lives and cultural assets. Furthermore, the development and production of silanes, acid chlorides, epoxides, peroxides and intermediates for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries forms part of the product portfolio. 

Protection Systems

The latest generation of passive, active and hybrid protection solutions serve to protect people and materials against a wide variety of threats. The portfolio ranges from passive ballistic superstructures to softkill, rapid fog and stand-off active protection systems.

Project & Services

Rheinmetall offers services for deployed operations support and provides armed forces and security organizations with services from a single source, e.g. operational support, construction and protection of field camps, logistics, and disposal of ammunition. The portfolio also includes mobile functional spaces and shelters, including for medical requirements. 
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